Sunday, March 29, 2009

Long Overdue

So I've been meaning to blog, but one thing leads to another and it just doesn't happen.  So here it is just over 5 months since I wrote about being a wimp after surgery, and now I'm having it all over again in 3 days.  This time I'm going to have realistic expectations about recovery.

I am most excited to share that I went to work with James at his new studio yesterday.  He had previously had his studio in our house, and he was home most of the time.  Well, the past months he's been getting the new studio ready, in an awesome building.  This means he works roughly 15 hours every day.  But most of the hard stuff is done, and now he is up and recording.  So I decide to go "help" today.  But what I found was a wonderful surprise.   I'll get to that later.

So a little more of my update..

After the surgery, my recovery took almost 6 weeks.  I tried and failed to go back to the Sommerdorfs to care for Caden but lifting his 30+ pounds of dead weight proved to be too much.  They needed to find another caregiver, which I of course understood.

So I decide to do some soul searching.  Learning who I am in Christ, and who I am with Christ in me.  For more than 35 years.. I still didn't know who I was supposed to be.  With a lot of struggle, and even more prayer and with some help from Elizabeth Dungan, I know now that I have a purpose.  Sounds strange.. but most of what I "knew" boiled down to what I had an understanding intellectually, but not the practical sort of knowing that comes from God alone.

So, I've been praying about what I should be doing vocationally.  I have a lot of abilities, but what about a calling?  I've toyed with a lot of possibilities, but nothing seemed to be just right, or not the right time.  So fast forward to going to work with James.  I worked right along side him at the new studio, tracking a guitarist, and because James' new control desk is so awesome I could see exactly what James was doing, and he started to explain a few things to me.  We worked on about 6 songs today for this artist, and after he showed me the first time how to prepare the program to capture the session, I found myself able to talk him through the next 5.   I even was able to make some suggestions.. as in helping James as the producer of this album.  So I wonder... why shouldn't I work along side of James.. I have the best teacher, and he is my husband!!  I pick things up fast, and with both of us working on his projects, they'll finish twice as fast, and that means his 15 hour days can be scaled back with us sharing those hours!!

So I am excited.  I love the fact that I get help people take the songs God has laid on the hearts and minds of His people to be shared with the World.  And this also means that we will finally be able to start my first album.  (James will trade me studio time for scratching!  Boy how he loves to be scratched!  Or has he fondly asks everyday...  "Scratchie?")
This also means that James and I can be together all the time.  It's so awesome that my husband is my best friend.  I have a lot of great friends, but I can never get enough of James. 

Well, I promise to post more... and more often.   
Love to all,
Because of Christ...