Sunday, October 12, 2008


Wow, what a week!
I don't know why it is that when things are down, I seem to be an easy target for being "kicked".  I can not even count the things that were supposed to happen and didn't!  It blows my mind that so many things could just go wrong, or not as I planned!
But today is a new week, and I didn't stay down.  I'd fall down and get back up, and repeat this process at least a hundred times.  Would you please pray for me?  I really think that the things that I have my hands in are really irritating to the "Enemy" of my soul.  He must be trying hard to get me to give up and say "It's too much!"  But the funny thing is this... I already know that he has LOST!  I know that he has been defeated!  And most of the times that I have been knocked down this week, it was God who picked me back up, dusted me off, and said "Ata Girl, keep on running this race!  With Me, you WILL make it the finish line!"  Don't think that I didn't shed quite a few tears.  I certainly did.  But I just love how at any time when life seems overwhelming, I can just crawl up on my Father's lap, and find rest for my weariness! He restores my soul, and makes my cup to run over.  He is the One to refuel me, by His Word and His voice!  He sends me friends and phone calls and txts and emails to remind me that I am loved and that my life is relevant.   I don't have to wonder if I am making a difference, I see all around me that my life counts.
So, rather than boor you with the mundane, I will say this... God IS good, all the time, God is GOOD!  Even the junk that the enemy throws my way, He can turn it around for MY good and HIS glory!

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