Sunday, October 26, 2008

Surgery is not for wimps...Why did I have it then?

I thought that I could handle pain.  I thought that I could manage pain with minimal drugs.  I thought that I could get going again right away and not even blink.  I THOUGHT WRONG!

Well, it's been a week now and I am still not up and at it again.  I've not spent this much time doing virtually nothing for more than a year!  I haven't even left my house in days!   Can you tell that I'm about done with this!

I miss everyone.  I miss my family, the Sommerdorf's, who now have to plan another week without my services.  I feel really badly that I am not there for them.  Hale keeps telling me that it is OK, but I know that it is a burden for them to find alternate care.  I am thinking even now how I can make this up to them.  I miss everyone at church, all of them, all the churches and all the people.  I miss just feeling well enough to cook and bake.  I have taken for granted so many things.  I hope that I will keep my thankfulness going when I am able to be back and doing again.

Sorry that this is so disjointed.  I am currently on pain medications.  I am not responsible.

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Anonymous said...

so you have a blog...very cool!

Hope you get ot feeling better!

God is good!